Olè Ressenza

An innovative formulation, also used by cleaning professionals, with a very high yield for use in any environment. It encompasses all the characteristics of the previous line "Essenza" with the additional function of Sanitising. 5 functions in one product: PERFUMES, DEODORISES rooms, HYGIENISES, DETERTS, DUSTS surfaces.

23 inimitable fragrances in three exclusive lines: Classic, Hypoallergenic and Luxury.

Colours are the protagonists of the Classic Line. The balanced formula and the special raw materials it contains give the product a long persistence in the rooms where it is used, and thanks to its concentration, it leaves an intoxicating fragrance in the room. 12 fragrances are available: Ambra, Azzurra, Bianca, Blue, Fucsia, Gialla, Lilla, Ocra, Porpora, Rosa, Rossa, Verde.

Olè Ressenza, thinks of everything. In fact, a gentle Hypoallergenic line has been created. The Allergen-Free line has 3 products: Scarlatta, Ecru e Bordeaux.

The Luxury Line closes the Olè Essenza products: Diamond fresh, clean and delicate aroma gives the fragrance a unique balance. It reflects the diamond that is par excellence the symbol of perfection, an unmistakable quality that can be seen as a characteristic of the user's personality. Sapphire A fragrance with a strong and enveloping character leaves a tenacious and highly original mark. A reference to sapphire, this stone has always symbolised class and elegance. Emerald sensual and mysterious is an exhilarating and intense fragrance with a hypnotising trail. It represents the emerald symbol of well-being. Topaz captures with its fragrance an aromatic and spicy note of oriental lands for a bold and incisive result; it fully expresses the characteristics of topaz, a stone that exudes warmth, strength and intensity. Ruby a kaleidoscope of luxurious, sophisticated and classy sensations. A confidential, deep and irresistible note, an established luxury. This elegant fragrance is represented by the ruby one of the most important and precious stones, distinguished and seductive.

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Applications and Technical Features

The balanced formula and the special raw materials it contains give Olè Ressenza a long persistence in the environments where it is used, and thanks to its high concentration, it leaves an intoxicating scent in the environment that eliminates all unpleasant odours present. Each reference of Olè Ressenza is recommended not to mix it with other colours for a period of at least 15 days; afterwards alternate it with other Olè colours so that the sense of smell does not become accustomed to the same odour. Olè Ressenza can be used on surfaces in Marble, Ceramic, Klinker, Linoleum also waxed, Resin, Wood and Parquet treated with natural or synthetic waxes. Constantly treated surfaces achieve a non-slippery glossy effect. Olè Ressenza has an antistatic action that thins dust.

Super-concentrated aqueous mixture of natural and synthetic organic substances with multi-purpose function. To be used for cleaning, deodorising, perfuming and removing dust from rooms and surfaces. The product complies with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) (as amended and adapted). The product has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) complying with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (as amended and adapted). Packaging in 750 ml PEHD bottles with trigger, no gas, convenient and compact. Boxes of 12 single reference pieces.