Biolà Essenzassoluta

Super-concentrated laundry detergent with softening effect, anti-felting and ironing aid. Can be used by hand and in the washing machine on all types of fabrics. COMPLEMENTARY product to washing machine detergent. The result of advanced research and development in our laboratories, it reduces the consumption of obsolete chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

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Applications and Technical Features

Biolà Essenzassoluta is a newly developed, super concentrated laundry product for use with classic washing machine detergent. Thanks to its non-aggressive formulation, it is suitable for all types of garments (T-shirts, shirts, jackets, trousers, towels, etc.) and fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, synthetics, etc.). Introduced in the desired quantity in the softener tray, it releases an intense and long-lasting fresh and enveloping scent. Moreover, thanks to its anti-infection technology, it gives garments a soft and delicate touch after washing. Infinally, it cares for fabrics and facilitates ironing, releasing an even more intense and penetrating odour during this process. The most innovative technology of Biolà Essenzassoluta is its fixing effect, which guarantees an even longer persistence of the scent both on the garments and in the rooms and cupboards where the laundry is stored. We can guarantee that clothes washed and stored at the end of the season, according to the instructions for use, will retain their freshness and fragrance as if they had just been washed.