Multifunctional sanitiser with highly persistent SANIESSENZA fragrances for rooms and surfaces. Hydro-alcoholic product for the rapid sanitisation of glass, crystal, plastic, metals, chrome surfaces, furniture, keyboards, telephones, handles and all hard surfaces frequently handled; evaporates quickly without leaving halos and does not require rinsing.

Available in formats: Bottle 750 ml and Tanica 4000 ml

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Applications and Technical Features

Foaming detergent with active chlorine with a strong sanitising, bleaching and perfuming action. Its balanced formula provides hygiene and effective mechanical removal of germs and bacteria, superior to traditional products. Chlorine-based alkaline product with degreasing, sanitising and cleaning action; can be used on surfaces in: stainless steel, plastic, resin, marble, ceramic, stoneware, glass; the product is not suitable for aluminium or unprotected iron surfaces.

SURFACES and FLOORS (worktops, sinks, shower trays, WC, tiles, sanitary ware in general): apply by hand with a cloth or sponge and rinse;
W.C. apply pure with the trigger directly into the cup and leave for a few minutes, then rinse;
LABORATORIES and KITCHENS (sinks, hobs, workbenches, jambs): apply with a cloth or sponge generously;
WASINS of washbasins, showers, bidets to eliminate unpleasant odours escaping and also as a drain cleaner: pour the pure product directly into the drain, leave to act for an hour, then rinse;
DAILY CLEANING: 10 to 30 ml per litre of water, clean and rinse;
WHITENING (stone floors and walls): apply pure product, leave to work and rinse.