OièS Saniessence Sanitising/Disinfectant

OièS Saniessenza is an innovative ultra-concentrated formulation with a very high yield for use in any environment. Available in Disinfectant and Sanitising versions with the lines: Classic, Hypoallergenic and Luxury in different 25 fragrances.

With four distinct functions, it PERFUMES, DEODORISES rooms, DETERMINES and DUSTS surfaces. The unique, original and long-lasting fragrances with heady bouquets encapsulate the FRESHNESS of flowers, the TASTE of spices and all the SWEETNESS of ripe fruit; characterised by COLOURS, made to give pleasurable scent sensations, they create the right atmosphere for WELL-BEING in everyday living spaces.

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Applications and Technical Features

The packaging of OièS Saniessenza is innovative both for the type of wrapping that makes it aesthetically brilliant and attractive, and for the security of the integrity of the product until it is opened for use; this is made possible thanks to the 'Quality Assurance Seal' imprinted on the packaging.

The balanced formula and the special raw materials it contains give OièS Saniessenza a long persistence in the rooms where it is used and thanks to its high concentration, it leaves an intoxicating scent in the environment that eliminates all unpleasant odours present. Each reference of OièS Saniessenza is recommended not to mix it with other colours for a period of at least 15 days; subsequently alternate it with other OièS colours so that the sense of smell does not become accustomed to the same odour. OièS Saniessenza can be used on surfaces in Marble, Ceramic, Klinker, Linoleum also waxed, Resin, Wood and Parquet treated with natural or synthetic waxes. Consistently treated surfaces achieve a non-slippery glossy effect. OièS Saniessenza has an antistatic action that thins dust.