Magical Essence

Magica Essenza is a unique and innovative product with very high perfume performance, very persistent over time, recommended for homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, offices, public transport. Thanks to its high concentration it leaves a pleasant fragrance in the rooms.

21 inimitable fragrances in three dedicated lines: Classic, Hypoallergenic and Exclusive.

Featuring 12 colours, with the purity of the Biancathe liveliness of the Giallathe joy of theAzzurrabalance of the Fucsia and then with the overwhelming passion of Rossaserenity of the Bluethe naturalness of the Verdethe sweetness of'Ocra and again with the love of Rosathe happiness of theAmbrathe intuitiveness of the Porpora and finally the spirituality of Lilla.

The line is dedicated to allergy sufferers. Hypo-allergenic room deodorants with new and increasingly delicate and safe essences that release notes to suit every sensation: Warm and gentle for Scarlattaflowery and sweet for Ecruand finally soft and enveloping for Bordeaux.

From the research and development of our laboratories comes the Exclusive line inspired by fragrances with refined olfactory notes. Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby e Topaz are ready to serve you and make cleaning pleasant.

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Applications and Technical Features

Your journey through the senses in 21 inimitable fragrances.

The balanced formula and the special raw materials it contains give Magica Essenza a long persistence in the rooms where it is used, and thanks to its high concentration, it leaves an intoxicating fragrance in the room that eliminates all unpleasant odours.

Each reference of Magica Essenza is recommended not to be mixed with other colours for a period of at least 15 days; thereafter, alternate with other colours so that the sense of smell does not become accustomed to the same odour.

Magica Essenza can be used on Marble, Ceramic, Klinker, Linoleum surfaces also waxed, Resin, Wood and Parquet treated with natural or synthetic waxes. Constantly treated surfaces achieve a non-slippery glossy effect.

Magica Essenza has an antistatic action that thins out dust.