HiMiX Cleaners

Our new technology of concentrated formulations with HiMiX intelligent system provides products for a wide range of sectors, including the service and professional cleaning industries, and textile treatment. HiMiX is a complete line of super-concentrated products that meet international regulatory requirements and respond to stringent customer demands.

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Applications and Technical Features

The reduced amount of resources used in the production of the packaging and the lower costs required for its distribution (with a decrease of 80% in CO2 production) make HiMiX an environmentally friendly and green product. Thanks to the reduction in packaging size, high storage densities can be achieved at collection points for distribution.

The HiMiX Line consists of a range of ready-to-use hyper-concentrated compounds following dilution in pre-determined amounts of fresh water. We offer comprehensive advice on the use of our formulations. We present you with standard formulations from our company's own production chain, however, depending on the customer's needs, we have the capacity to produce formulations on request and to supply raw materials suitable for specific chemical processing, enabling you to develop formulations directly in your own country. We create the prerequisites that will allow you to focus on the distribution of the finished product, with the advantages of lower purchasing costs, reduced storage space, reduced waste, lower transport costs, reduced packaging costs, and increased profit margins.

HiMiX Essenza is an innovative high performance formulation for use in any environment. With four distinct functions, it PERFUMES, DEODORISES rooms, DETERMINES, DUSTS surfaces. The unique, original and long-lasting fragrances with heady bouquets encapsulate the FRESHNESS of flowers, the TASTE of spices and all the SWEETNESS of ripe fruit; characterised by COLOURS, made to give PLEASANT scent sensations, they create the right atmosphere for WELL-BEING in everyday environments. It is not easy to describe the various notes that make up each fragrance; our experience leads us to say that each person falls in LOVE with one or more of the fragrances that make up the HiMiX Essenza line.