Biolà Rainbow Washing Machine

Ultra concentrated liquid detergent, effective against stubborn dirt for whites and colours, 6 times more powerful than a normal detergent. Can be used by hand and in the washing machine on all types of fabrics. The result of advanced research and development in our laboratories, it reduces the consumption of obsolete chemicals. With the practical dispenser cap you won't waste a drop.

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Applications and Technical Features

Biolà Lavatrice Arcobaleno is an innovative liquid detergent specifically for hand and machine washing of textiles. Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula with ≥ 45% activity, it guarantees a wash with just 15ml of product. Biolà Washing Machine Fragrance Rainbow can be used on its own, giving your laundry a perfect clean and a classic delicate fragrance.

To maximise the perfuming and softening effect, it can be used in synergy with any reference of Biolà Essenzassoluta Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener for hygienised laundry already at 30°. Gives unmistakable softness and an intense, long-lasting and customisable fragrance in 6 inimitable variants.