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In this section you will find information on the delivery of Rubino Chem products.

Each municipality adopts different policies and initiatives related to separate waste collection, so it is important to inform yourself beforehand about the regulations in force in your municipality of residence, as the provisions in force may provide for different types of collection or recovery.

Recycled plastic bottles up to 50%

Separate Collection

Before separate disposal, separate all packaging elements:

  • Tear along the hatching thesleeve label* in pet,
  • Separate the triggers in pp from bottle in pe-hd
  • Dispose of all items in the plastic collection, yellow bin**.

* If present, shrink-wrap label used for some lines.
** Always consult the regulations of your municipality.

Plastic packaging and packaging waste


With Directive 94/62/EC, the European Community defines the following numbering and abbreviation system for plastics:

Material Abbreviation Numbering
Polyethylene terephthalate PET 1
High-density polyethylene PE-HD 2
Polypropylene PP 5