Rubino Chem 4.0, Innovation is our key to success!

Rubino Chem is an Italian company founded in 2002 by Luigi Rubino, collecting the heritage of Rubino Detergenti and almost half a century of experience and innovation. Italy and Europe constitute the core business of Rubino Chem, followed by other international markets.

The upgrade

The renewal of the logistics office and the new chemical department specialized in the production of olfactory notes and fragrances led to the launch of a whole new product line in 2019. The chemical company, specialized in the production of environmental deodorizers and detergents for the professional and consumer, considering the automation of the logistic-productive process in compliance with the principles of the industry 4.0 essential for new organizational developments. With a total investment of 2 million euros, it completed the business development project based on the programmatic directives.

The objectives of the project

The project met two fundamental goals: the completion of the industrial automation process, guaranteeing maximum levels of safety for operators and the environment, and optimization of its resources, improving performance and working conditions, by reducing low value-added activities. In 2018 Rubino Chem acquired a total of three industrial buildings. The renovations have made it possible to recover a total area of 5,000 square meters covered.

The new structure

The new structure can store up to 500 pallets of finished product in a fully automated warehouse with a modern and efficient Flow Rail system, which allows optimizing the management of valuable spaces by multiplying the references in height and simplifying the management of storage lots. Designed for the optimization of the supply chain it was intended to put the operator at the center of every process, allowing him to operate in full comfort and safety thanks to the studied ergonomics and to increase the efficiency thanks to the reduction of errors and the standardization of activities.

Automation: The integrative approach

The fundamental aspects taken into due consideration to support the evolution towards the implementation of the most useful technologies and the definition of investments have been the adoption of the right technologies and the re-qualification of the operators on an annual base plan. The goal of using growing production-enabling technologies and their implementation has been fully achieved. Through a technical-financial analysis of the most cost-effective investments, specifically in the training and introduction of new technologies in the company, key aspects have been reached for competitiveness in the so-called “fourth industrial revolution,” concerning the automation and digitalization of processes in interaction with highly qualified personnel.

The Strategy

The starting point was the collection and analysis of company production data compared to current market demands this led to the decision to free the operators from the heavier and lower value-added activities to enhance their skills and use them in more complex and qualified tasks. The most evident result was an increase in productivity and outgoing flows, which guarantees the total coverage of the current national and international demand of the reference market of Rubino Chem.

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