Is the triumph of beauty, conveyed by fragrances that take on 4 different features according to the 4 lines on sale.

Olè Essenza – Line Classic

Colors are protagonists in the line called Classica. The balanced formula and the special raw materials in it lend to the product a long persistence in the environments where it is used; thanks to its concentration, it leaves an exciting perfume in the environment. 12 fragrances are available: AmbraAzzurra, Bianca, Blue, Fucsia, Gialla, Lilla,Ocra, Porpora, Rosa, Rossa, Verde.

Olè Essenza – Line Hypoallergenic

The line called Luxury completes the range of products Olè Essenza: Diamond, with its fresh, clean and delicate aroma, gives the fragrance a unique balance. The perfume reflects the symbolic meaning of the diamond, perfection, an unmistakable quality which could also correspond to the personality of the user. Sapphire, a fragrance with a strong and enchanting character, leaves a strong and very original trace. It is an appeal to sapphire, a precious stone which has always been a symbol for class and elegance. The seductive and mysterious Emerald is an exciting and intense fragrance, with a hypnotizing trail. It represents the emerald, the symbol for wellness. Topaz captures in its fragrance an aromatic and spicy note from the oriental lands, with an audacious and sharp result; it fully expresses the features if topaz, a precious stone releasing warmth, strength and intensity. Ruby, a kaleidoscope of luxurious, sophisticated and classy sensations. A confidential note, deep and irresistible, a prominent luxury. This fragrance is represented by the ruby, one of the most important and fine precious stones, distinguished and seductive.

Olè Essenza, it really thinks of everything. Indeed, we created a more delicate, hypoallergenic line. The line includes 3 products: ScarlattaEcru e Bordeaux.

Olè Essenza – Line Seasonal

It’s important to clean and dust at every time of the year, and each season, of course, has its different climate: the types of bacteria change, and so changes the way of cleaning and deodorize. For this reason, we developed for Olè Essenza a seasonal line called Linea Stagionale, with 4 products that will accompany you during springsummerautumn and winter.

Olè Essenza – Line Luxury


  • Nebulise upwards
  • Spray the product into corners, waste paper bins, rubbish bins and on carpets
  • Ideal for radiator humidifiers and ashtrays
  • It can be used in essence burners and to freshen a potpourri
  • Moisten a cloth or a paper towel with the product and put it on radiators or dashboards
  • Recharge automatic dispenser for environments or cars
  • Pour a few ml into the vacuum cleaner bin or onto its filter


  • Moisten a cotton cloth and pass it over the surfaces (desks, tables, furniture, doors, window and door fixtures)
  • Spray the product directly on the broom or (fringe) mop and proceed with the application on floors and big surfaces.


To remove unpleasant odors

  • Nebulise to remove smoke and frying odor or bad odors in public toilets
  • Pour some drops directly into the washbasin and shower stall drains
  • Nebulise directly into the toilet bowl


  • Spray the product once or twice in a bucket with 5 l water and proceed with the cleaning of the surfaces
  • Pour a small quantity of the product directly on the surfaces and then spread it with a damp cloth
  • The product can be added to detergent solutions and into the detergent drawer of washer-driers to increase the perfume.


To sanitize surfaces

  • Sprayed once on a cloth to sanitize and remove germs and bacteria * from frequently handled furniture, furnishings, and objects.
    * Mechanical removal of germs and bacteria. It is not a biocide, it is a sanitizing detergent.

Olè Essenza packages are available as 750 ml PE bottles with a trigger, without gas, compact and comfortable. Packed in boxes containing 12 bottles of the same product.

In compliance with the Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004, Commission Recommendation 89/542, the product is made up of a blend of perfumed substances, natural and/or synthetic between 5 and 15%; non-ionic surfactants not exceeding 5%; contains preservatives.

It can be used on surfaces such as marble, ceramic, clinker, (waxed) linoleum, synthetic resin, wood and parquets treated with natural or synthetic wax. Surfaces which are constantly treated with this product obtain a polished, non-slide effect.

It’s on the originality of the perfume that depends on the success of the product.

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