Fragrances inspired by nature

Oils contains the largest selection of fragrances.

The Rubino Chem production of essential oils contains the largest selection of fragrances: from the most common essences inspired by nature up to the most refined and  sophisticated notes.

To describe the work of our perfumers we can think of an artist inspired by the raw work of nature. After a long research work carried out in our laboratory, they succeed in reproducing its olfactory notes and refine its composition, like a jeweler works a rough stone and puts it in value. To obtain a good fragrance it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the potential and aromatic characteristics of each component, such as to translate into balance and harmony of scents and odorous sensations.

The creation of our perfumes consists of three phases, in which the top notes, the body or the supporting notes and the base notes will be identified:

First stage
The top notes of a perfume are the aromatic ensemble that emerges at the first impact and characterizes the initial reception of an essence.

Second stage
Rubino Chem fragrances are the result of a deep creative intuition and a large amount of research, translated into a pleasant and melodious concert. In this second phase the body of the perfume is decisive: the climate that it manages to create, the sensations it manages to evoke determine the verdict of the external world.

Third stage
The base notes constitute the most persistent part of the fragrance, the legacy that remains in the rooms in the long term, when the top notes and the body of the perfume have now faded. In the composition of the final note, our perfumers, with skilful dosages and original blends, leave room for the most tenacious elements, to obtain their masterpiece, the result of an in-depthstudy and a continuous and scrupulous selection of the raw materials used.

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