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Smart System Compound for cleaning detergents

Our new product line of compounds, the smart system HiMiX, provide products to a wide range of industries, including service industries and cleaning, textile processing, etc. HiMiX are a complete line of superconcentrated products for a full range of sector that meet stringent customer and regulatory requirements. Our new technology has enabled our industry to reduce the size of the package to achieve higher densities.

The higher density compounds can be packed in much smaller packages than were needed previously. Being an environmentally friendly product. The compound of the Line HiMiX are complete products hyper concentrate depending on which product you want to achieve is diluted in proportion with only sweet water. We offer advice on the production process of formulations to increase productivity and minimize operational costs, making constant  improvements in the health, safety and environmental protection.

Those described in this brochure are standard, but depending on the needs of the client is possible to formulate compound and provide materials to the particular specifications.

The simplicity of implementation allows anyone to be able to develop it and of course use it on its territory. First, this makes you autonomous and not thinking about all the problems with the purchase of all components, research and development of the formulation. That gives the opportunity to focus on production and distribution of the finished product, since the advantage of lower acquisition cost, lower waste warehousing facilities, lower transportation costs, lower packaging costs, less waste and disposal costs and ultimately increased profitability.

HiMiX Essenza

HiMiX ESSENZA is an innovative product with an excellent performance; it can be used in any environment. With four different functions: 1 PERFUMES, 2 REMOVES ODOURS from internal environments, 3 CLEANS, 4 REMOVES DUST from surfaces. The unique, original and long-lasting fragrances capture the FRESHNESS of flowers, the ESSENCE of spices and all the SWEETNESS of fruits with their evocative bouquets; characterized by the COLOURS which are made, they give PLEASANT sensations to create the right atmosphere of COMFORT in your internal environments.

It is not easy to describe the different notes that each fragrance is composed:  according to our experience, we can say that every person FALLS IN LOVE with our fragrances, produced to satisfy many “TASTES and SENSATIONS”… …We Make them all Colours.


To perfume and deodorize internal environments:

  • Spray directly into the air
  • Spray into corners, rubbish bins, waste paper bins and onto carpets
  • Can be used in dampers for radiators and in ash trays
  • Can be used in incense burners to enhance the aroma of your potpourri
  • Can be used with a cloth or paper on radiators and on dashboards
  • Can be stored in refill containers for use internally and in cars
  • Pour a few ml into the water tank or filter of a vacuum cleaner

Remove Odours

To quickly eliminate unpleasant odours from internal environments:

  • Spray and quickly eliminate unpleasant odours created by food preparation, from smoke, from animals and in public toilets
  • Pour some drops directly into the sink and shower
  • Spray directly into the W.C


To wash any hard surface

  • Spray a small quantity into five liters of water and then proceed to wash surfaces
  • Pour a little quantity directly onto surfaces and then clean with a wet cloth
  • HiMiX ESSENZA can be added to other detergents to increase the fragrance

Remove Dust

To remove and prevent dust from surfaces with antistatic action:

  • Wet a cotton cloth with HiMiX ESSENZA and wipe surfaces (desks, tables, furniture, doors, fixtures)
  • Spray directly onto mops for removing dust from floors and large areas

Compound 150 g + Water 600 g

Final weight 750 g


STEP 1 – Iperconcentrated Compound Essenza Ambra

STEP 2 – Premix the content 1 part (150 g) of the Compound with 4 part (600 g) of water to obtain 750 g of Essence

STEP 3 – Shake vigorously the package

STEP 4 – Ready to use Essence

USAGE AFTER MIXING1 ml of product in 1 l of water to clean and deodorize any washable surface; spray pure product in the environment to deodorize; pour few drops into drains to neutralize unpleasant odors; spray the product on a cotton cloth to dust furniture and frequently used objects.

HiMiX Sanitizing Detergents Floors and Surfaces

It is a high quality concentrated detergent that sanitizes and maintains surfaces, ceramic, marble, parquet and teak pavements; also indicated for cleaning vertical surfaces, revetments; ideal for cleaning sanitary, showers, washbowls.

Sanitizing detergents for Floors and Surfaces multifunctional concentrated detergent with an antistatic effect that releases a long-lasting fragrance; it leaves no halos and fits perfectly for daily cleaning; available in 3 differents lines: ClassicHypoallergenic, and Luxury for a total of 20 unique fragrances.

Its deodorant action, thanks to the unique RubinoChem’s essences, leaves a sensation of freshness which exalts its cleaning action.

Compound 1000 g + Water 4000 g

Final weight 5000 g


STEP 1 – Iperconcentrated Compound Floors and Surfaces

STEP 2 – Premix the content 1 part (1000 g) of the Compound with 4 parts (4000 g) of water to obtain 5000 g of Floors and Surfaces Cleaner

STEP 3 – Shake vigorously the package

STEP 4 – Ready to use cleaner for Floors and Surfaces

USAGE AFTER MIXINGDilute 5 to 20 grams of product in 1 l of water. For hard dirty or a superior persistence of perfuming action use 30 grams of product in 1 l of water.

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