Multi-use Hyper-concentrated Deodetergent sanitizer

Deodet Hyper-Concentrate is a multi-use detergent sanitizer with high concentrated active principles based on new generation surfactants and essential oils. It is the best choice for ceramic, marble, parquet, teak pavements; also indicated for the cleaning of vertical surfaces and revetments; ideal for the cleaning of sanitary, showers, washbowls; it also fits perfectly for floor washing machines.

Its cleaning action is deep, extra brilliant and dries without leaving halos. The exclusive Essenza of Rubino Chem will be released in environments for an intense and inimitable perfume which lasts longer. Its little package comes with a turn on-off combined bottle cup and measuring device which enables to dose the right quantity of product eliminating wastes.

Advantages of this package

Easier dosing, lower product wasting, lower purchase cost, lower Co2 emissions, lower consumption of cardboard, lower plastic use, lower consumption of primary resources, smaller transported volume, reduced storage space to the distribution points and shops, reduced disposal costs.

Possibility of choice between 24 different fragances: Classic (Ambra, Azzurra, Bianca, Blue, Fucsia, Gialla, Lilla, Ocra, Porpora, Rosa, Rossa, Verde); Hypoallergenic (Bordeaux, Ecru, Scarlatta); Luxury (Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz, Ruby); Seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).


1 push (2.5g) in 5 liters of water. 100 Washings


2 pushes (5g) in 5 liters of water. 50 washings.


½ push (1g), directly on a sponge.  200 Washings


50 g (variable quantity according to the size of the machine’s water container) in the 50 liters water container. 5 washings.

PackagingBox containing n.12 bottles of 250 gr of the same line/fragrance, supplied with turn on-off measuring cups, total weight of packaging is 3 Kg.

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