Oiès Essenza


All our products are formulations used by professional cleaners.

They have innovative high-performing features and can be used in every kind of environment.

Our costumers include hotels and resorts, wellness centers and spas, sport and rehabilitation centers, private and public hospitals, nursing homes, schools, offices, private houses and apartment buildings, vehicles and motor vehicles.

Made in Italy, at you service to remove bacteria, dirt and bad odors. The lines Magica Essenza, Oiè Essenza, Olezzo e Surfaces guarantee quality and rapidity. Perfuming, deodorizing, deterging and dusting has never been so easy.

Olè Essenza

Olez Essenza


HiMiX Essenza


Rubino Chem is also active in other sectors.

We produce specialty chemicals for industrial use.

In particular, products for the construction and the mining industry,
for drilling companies and companies building artesian wells or doing methane and oil gas reserches.

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